Summer in Mudgee | I’m Totally Completely Fine

I have a new goal. No, it’s not to run a marathon or to stop eating McDonalds in Blaxland every time I drive to Sydney. My goal is to give less f*cks. I recently read Mark Manson’s book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, and realised that the majority of my anxiety and depression stems from me A. caring what people think about me, B. taking myself too seriously and C. feeling helpless against that bigoted, homophobic, racist carrot some people from my homeland call their president.

Basically, I want to stop needing everyone to like me, bring my expectations for myself as a writer and super human down a few notches and to not be afraid to speak my mind when it comes to my feelings about abortions, gay marriage, racism, gender inequality and climate change.

In an effort to be this zen, but totally kick ass gal, I’ve teamed with my brilliant friend, Caitlin, to start a podcast called, Totally Completely Fine. Caitlin and I met when my first book, Summerlandish, was being published and she was assigned my publicist. (You have no idea how cool it felt to say, “Let me just check with my publicist….) Anyway - some four years later, we’re just two married ladies who share an affinity for wine, dogs, tacos, books, inflatable unicorn pool floats, travel, therapy, Netflix, female friendships and talking about our feelings.

Since people like Donald Trump are allowed to be president, we figured we could have our own podcast, so here we are - only days away from dropping our first TCF minisode in an effort to break the stigma around mental health. We will laugh, cry, rant, rave and most likely touch on some uncomfortable topics because life (and wearing a bra) is often uncomfortable.

We know that our podcast is slightly self-indulgent, but Caitlin and I both agree that most people don’t really know what they’re doing in life and that the only thing as good as being in therapy is talking to your friends about being in therapy. We also hope that by bringing stories about failed relationships, sexual assault, sexism and crushing anxiety to the table, we’re able to help whoever is listening get through a tough time in their life.

As Caitlin says, “Our conversations are the conversations women are having in bars and cafes and bedrooms and hair salons the world over - the only difference is we’re removing the hushed tones and broadcasting it publicly. By stripping ourselves down to the truths that keep us together, that lie beneath our very skin and sometimes feel as if they’re burned into our foreheads, our podcast will level the playing field and make it okay for anyone to bare their ugly in an effort to heal.”

Finding gainful employment is hard. Understanding the importance (and definition) of self-care is hard. Raising kids is hard. Not offending someone when expressing your beliefs is hard. Moving to a new city or country is hard. Maintaining meaningful relationships with friends and family is hard. Starting a family is hard. Not wanting to start a family is hard. It’s all bloody hard, so let’s stop constantly putting a filter on our above angled profile pictures and acting like everything is totally completely fine because 1. It’s not good for us, and 2. It’s not good for the next generation. #blessedbutanxious

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