Rylstone Court hears litter was ‘not a dead rat’

Rylstone Local Court
Rylstone Local Court

Rylstone Local Court heard that litter that a Kandos woman threw into her neighbours’ yard didn’t include a dead rat.

Dorothy Rohde, aged 73, of Buchanan Street, Kandos, received a conviction with no other penalty recorded for the charge ‘Deposit litter’.

At 9.51am on February 20, 2017, the victims of the matter – who’ve had a number of disputes with Rohde – reported that she threw the carcasses over her fence and onto their driveway and yard.

Her solicitor, Allan Hogan, told the court that his client pleads guilty to the charge and admits to throwing litter, but “vehemently denies that it was a rat”.

Magistrate Michael Allen told the defendant, “everyone has the right to kick back in their own home without someone throwing rubbish onto their property”.