Jessica Nipperess will visit the Tropfest finals on Saturday for her short film 'Hued'.

HUED: This seven minute film is the work of Jess Nipperess and will be open for judging at this Saturday's Tropfest event.

HUED: This seven minute film is the work of Jess Nipperess and will be open for judging at this Saturday's Tropfest event.

Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese… what do they all have in common? They’re blokes.

It’s no secret the majority of well-known, Hollywood directors are male and that’s fine, but 12-year-old Mudgee filmmaker Jess Nippperess is keen to buck that trend.

“Directing is very male dominated so I’ve made it my goal to become a really famous, female director – to show everyone” Nipperess said.

What better way to achieve that goal than to put together a seven minute film and submit it to Tropfest: the world’s largest short film festival which is at Parramatta on Saturday February 17.

“I was really bored and mum found a bunch of film festivals and I wanted to enter in one of them to get myself out there,” Nipperess said.

“I’m not sure why I like filming but I really love it and it’s always been my thing.

‘Hued’ follows Alex’s life (a fictional character that is played by Jess) who discovers acts of kindness are one of the best ways to make yourself happy.

Synopsis, director's statement, director biography.

Synopsis, director's statement, director biography.

“My main inspiration was the forest chasing/dream scene - I really wanted to have that included in my film,” she said.

I merged the idea of the main character being chased by herself in the forest with being confronted by a life changing question.”

Jess’s mother Alison was a big part of the ‘Hued’ journey as she oversaw the production skills and passion shown by her daughter.

“She enjoys doing creative things like writing stories which then turns into filmmaking,” Alison said.

Jess has already circled a host of future events like Tropfest for her upcoming projects and doesn’t plan on slowing down.

“I want to be a director and I’m not sure how to get there but the starting point is entering in a lot of festivals,” she said.

“I like dramatic and emotional movies where the director has put a lot of effort into making the emotion come through the screen.

Best friends, grandparents and parents (Alison and Matthew) will make the trip to Parramatta on Saturday with the overall result not really weighing on their minds, rather the experience Jess will, and already has drawn from the process.


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