2018 Henry Lawson festival

Organisers of last weekend’s Gulgong Henry Lawson Heritage Festival have called it a success with the wet weather not deterring the crowds.

Festival coordinator, Charles Vassel, said “all in all it was quite a good festival” despite Saturday’s weather.

“We can’t complain about the rain – because we need it greatly – it was just unfortunate it happened on our major day. But it was quite surprising to see the number of people who turned out for the parade,” he said.

“There was certainly plenty of people out on the street and all of the verandas up the street were packed with people – presumably residents and visitors. And we had a large roll-up of parade participants as well, more than we’ve had before.

“They had a very good turn-up at the races as well, the Arts Council were very happy with the attendance at the memorial hall. And were also pleased with the amount of work Council have done in the hall to enable them to hang artworks up on the walls.

“We had better weather on the Sunday and the Gold Experience at Red Hill had very good attendance. The Holtermann Museum was used for the heritage photos and that was very popular.

“On Sunday night we really enjoyed the Soul of the Poet – Songs and Poems of Henry Lawson performed by Chloe and Jason Roweth. The crowd loved it and they sold a lot of CDs after the show.

“And the pubs and restaurants were packed out each night.”

A special thanks to Hannah Roberts who was the Mudgee Guardian’s guest Instagram poster at the event.

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