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Most memorable moments of the Doomben Cup

The 10 of most memorable wins in the Doomben Cup's history. Picture Shutterstock
The 10 of most memorable wins in the Doomben Cup's history. Picture Shutterstock

The Doomben Cup never fails to disappoint. Throughout this spectacular event, you can feel the buzz of spectators and the determination of horses and their riders. The atmosphere is electrifying as everyone waits in anticipation for the race to unfold.

However, even within the halls of fame, there are still key moments that steal the spotlight and have been forever etched into the hearts and minds of enthusiasts and participants throughout the decades.

Stick with us as we account for 10 of the most memorable wins in the Doomben Cup's history.

Rough Habit (1991 - 1993)

Not one, not two, but three consecutive wins from Rough Habit made the 1991 to 1993 Doomben Cups an unforgettable occasion. Particularly memorable was his performance in one of these victories, where Rough Habit, ridden by Jimmy Cassidy, made a dramatic move in the straight. With Kiwi Golfer and Palette initially leading out of the turn, Rough Habit surged from the outside.

The crowd's roar intensified as Rough Habit took the lead, ultimately securing his place as one of the greats with three consecutive Doomben Cup victories, a feat celebrated by fans and historians alike.

Bernborough (1946)

Starting off the countdown of legendary moments at the Doomben Cup, how could anyone forget Bernborough? The striking Thoroughbred set trails ablaze from 1941 to 1946, but a race that still remains one of his greatest accomplishments was the 1946 Doomben Cup, which he won while carrying a whopping 66.8kgs.

Durbridge (1994):

Durbridge's triumph in the 1994 Doomben Cup remains the stuff of legends in the hearts of racing enthusiasts. The fight for glory between Durbrige and Paris Lane had onlookers on the edge of their seats, but Durbridge was just too fast, and his win is a testament to his skill and determination.

Might and Power (1998)

It was touch and go between Might and Power and Spirit of Oregon throughout the 1998 Doomben Cup. It was truly a nail-biter until Might and Power went full force and broke away from the competition to take the win.

Scenic Shot (2009 and 2011):

2009 and 2011 remain iconic moments in Doomben history, thanks to the thoroughbred who stole the show, Scenic Shot. He etched his name in the annals of Doomben Cup history when he took the win from Sir Slick by just a nose in 2009 and then again took the win in 2011.

Streama (2014):

The 2014 Doomben Cup made for an exciting showcase. In a thrilling display of skill and speed, the beautiful mare, Streama, had a steady pace as she started in third position but then captured the hearts of racing enthusiasts when she unsuspectingly took the lead to end off with an impressive victory.

Zaaki (2021):

2021 saw the beautiful gelding Zaaki absolutely dominate. It was nothing short of mesmerising the way Zaaki came up from behind and surged forward to take the lead from Coming Brandenburg. By the 200-metre mark, Zaaki was not holding back, and it was clear that he had won.

Pornichet (2015)

While the beginning of the 2015 Doomben Cup may have started off like any other, it wasn't long before a new star became apparent. It was clear from the 300 mark that the race had already been won when the new kid on the block, Pornichet, hurdled away from the crowd and left them in the dust.

Huetor (2022)

One of the most recent races that had more than just the horses clenching their teeth was Huetor's win in 2022. The competitors were all clearly in top form, as what started out as a widespread cruise turned into a crowded fight to the finish line. However, Huetor gallantly took the outside and rode on to victory in a race that stunned the masses.

Final Thoughts

While there have been many brilliant moments from the prestigious Doomben Cup throughout the decades, these memorable wins still have a spot in most enthusiasts' hearts worldwide. The high stakes and thrilling experience always keep people coming back for more. Those who want to take part in the action can check out the latest odds on the Doomben Cup with Ladbrokes. Who knows, you might also be a Boomben winner.

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