Hugh Jackman crashes into world of web memes

New internet meme: Hugh Jackman can ride anything!
New internet meme: Hugh Jackman can ride anything!

Hugh Jackman's dramatic collision with Oprah Winfrey's stage at the Sydney Opera House will take its place in internet history in the form of a new internet meme that depicts the Australian star moments before impact.

The meme – which has been named “Hugh Jackman can ride anything!” captures him spreadeagled as he makes a dramatic flying-fox entrance to Oprah Winfrey's Australian show.

After hitting the rig's brakes too late, he collided with lighting equipment, and later explained to Winfrey: "I came down waving to everyone, looking over Sydney Harbour, saw my dad, the kids and you, went to pull the brake and then boing".

The close-up of Jackman mid-flight was published on the UK's Daily Mail, and website Cityrag quickly seized upon it, using photoshop techniques to portray him riding a rocket, Tom Cruise, and even a baby calf.

"Holy crap, this hilarious picture of Hugh Jackman happily zip-lining into a black eye on 'Oprah' made our day! Last Celebrity Meme of 2010 anyone!?…" wrote the website.

Transparencies of Jackman's image are also being circulated by the site so members of the public can make their own.

Jackman has also featured in another meme on the site, entitled "celebrities with no pants".

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