Troy Grant announces energy package savings scheme

Troy Grant announced a number of reforms for the energy package savings scheme.
Troy Grant announced a number of reforms for the energy package savings scheme.

The Member for Dubbo, Troy Grant, has announced that residents and small businesses across his area, “from Lue to Trangie and everywhere in between” could receive hundreds of dollars in savings on their energy bills.

The savings come as part of the NSW Government’s energy package savings scheme, recently announced by Grant to be a step forward to combat rising electricity prices.

Although the rising energy bill prices are “the greatest crisis facing this country”, according to Mid-Western Councillor Percy Thompson, Mr Grant said that this move by the state government is not a “single fix”.

“We understand that families, households and businesses find it hard to make ends meet when living pressures pile up,” Mr Grant said.

“There is not a single fix but this package will help ease some of the pressure on local households, businesses and families.

“The NSW Government is doing everything it can to support families and small businesses to save on their power bills. This is the nation’s most comprehensive package to address rising energy bills.”

There were a number of reforms announced recently, including:

  • a 20 per cent increase of energy rebates (an increase from $235 to $285)
  • discounts to equipment upgrades for small businesses 
  • discounts on households replacing energy efficient fixed appliances
  • discounts for up to 23,000 concession cardholders
  • an end to charges like paper bills for retailers
  • penalties for retailers who don’t move rebate recipients to a better deal
  • energy saving upgrades for up to 16,500 public housing clients to assist the state’s most vulnerable (estimated to save around $360 on bills a year)

These rebates and reforms are expected to be rolled out in the near future.